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The End of the 416 Fire in Durango

July 12, 2018

The 416 Fire burned for several weeks just north of Durango, CO and had major environmental and economic impacts on the surrounding towns and cities.  Started on June 1st, 2018 by an unknown source, the fire burned the economy of Durango nearly as bad as it burned the San Juan National Forest.  Fortunately for Durango residents as well as tourists, the fire is finally almost out and fresh air 24/7 has returned.

For the first few weeks of June, thick smoke would encompass the town for the morning and sometimes during the day.  There was nothing you could do to escape it.  Now that the fire is 90% contained (only a small, distant portion being monitored while it burns out) Durango residents can finally breathe fresh air.  It is incredibly nice to wake up every morning, walk outside and feel the cool, crisp breath of rain on your face without any smoke on your face!  We are very lucky here for the Summer rain (but first and foremost, the firefighters!) that saved our town and enabled us to enjoy the second half of the season without smoke and lack of finances!

If you were considering a trip to Durango that you put off because of the fire (and the very dramatic media coverage of it), you can set your fears aside because our town isn’t burning with anything except the desire to have twice as much fun these next two months as we can.

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