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"Bigger and Bigger Companies are Investigating Coworking"

It was approximately ten years ago today that coworking spaces really began to take off in the US and around the world.  Spawned by companies needing more work completed, as well as by freelance individuals, this is like nothing the world has seen before.  As housing and office space costs continue to skyrocket, more and more people, as well as corporations, are looking to increase productivity without digging too deep into their pockets.

When coworking first started to become a fad several years ago, the main demographic was young people / young entrepreneurs, people who craved a unique and unstructured work environment.  Nowadays that demographic is changing to include more and more business professionals and industry elites.  These people are realizing that they can work in an unstructured, diverse coworking environment without sacrificing their professionalism or productivity.

Coworking used to be something most popular in highly urban areas, where housing costs are the highest.  So naturally, places like London, San Francisco, Toronto, and Hong Kong have blown up.  Now in 2018, coworking is becoming increasingly infectious to rural areas.  Places like Kansas and Puerto Rico are seeing coworking activity, and that’s because people are realizing the magic that can happen when you start igniting your creativity by surrounding yourself with energized and intelligent people.

As a provider of coworking services and shared office space, R Space is determined to have a positive impact on our environment, individuals, and the economy.  Our mission is to bring diverse, passionate people together in a shared workspace with awesome amenities to help inspire their creativity.  There is a reason that coworking has increased hundreds of percent since 2008; it saves money, and for some people, it is better than working in a private office even if the cost was not a factor.  The energy and inspiration you can get from working with passionate people similar to yourself is something you cannot put a price on.

If you haven’t stopped by R Space yet, come on by and we will give you a free day to see how you like it!  Just mention this blog post when you come in.

–Team R Space


"The End of the 416 Fire in Durango"

The 416 Fire burned for several weeks just north of Durango, CO and had major environmental and economic impacts on the surrounding towns and cities.  Started on June 1st, 2018 by an unknown source, the fire burned the economy of Durango nearly as bad as it burned the San Juan National Forest.  Fortunately for Durango residents as well as tourists, the fire is finally almost out and fresh air 24/7 has returned.

For the first few weeks of June, thick smoke would encompass the town for the morning and sometimes during the day.  There was nothing you could do to escape it.  Now that the fire is 90% contained (only a small, distant portion being monitored while it burns out) Durango residents can finally breathe fresh air.  It is incredibly nice to wake up every morning, walk outside and feel the cool, crisp breath of rain on your face without any smoke on your face!  We are very lucky here for the Summer rain (but first and foremost, the firefighters!) that saved our town and enabled us to enjoy the second half of the season without smoke and lack of finances!

If you were considering a trip to Durango that you put off because of the fire (and the very dramatic media coverage of it), you can set your fears aside because our town isn’t burning with anything except the desire to have twice as much fun these next two months as we can.

"Host your Event a R Space Today"

Here at R Space, we aren’t just about providing our individuals with an awesome and exhilarating coworking experience.  We are here to connect the community as a whole and increase the value Durango gives to Colorado, especially Colorado’s start-up community.  This means that we offer people and event holders free event space (on a case-by-case basis) for educated doctors and professionals who provide free events to our community.  This could benefit you as being a form of free space and advertising for your consulting / other business, and it benefits R Space by providing our community members with free valuable classes and increasing the visibility of our coworking space.

There are a lot of successful events that have been held at R Space.  Dr. Melaney has presented her Insight Series, which had free monthly presentations beginning the end of March (the next ones are July and August – see our events calendar for more details).  Many other professionals such as Dr. Ashley Lucas, Phil Rambo, and others have presented here, all for free to add benefit to our customers and their business.  We provide general assistance with Social Media Promotions to help you draw an audience to your event with your permission and if you desire.

There aren’t many places in Durango where you can host a free event to the public to advertise to your customers.  Our space is a classy, extremely affordable area in an amazing location in the middle of downtown Durango.  Together, we can expand the reach of Durango’s economy beyond the sometimes confining limits of tourism to the new-age, profitable startup community we see in parts of Silicon Valley and beyond.  If you’re curious as to whether or not you can host your event here for free (and potentially get some free advertising as well!) contact R Space as soon as possible and we will get back to you with more information.

Reach out to R Space today, and add value to your customers as well as to the entire community!

"#collaborate against #416 fire at R Space"

Greetings from R Space,

As always, we continue to be a place of collaboration where creativity flows “Durango style”.  R Space strives to be a resource to help the local community in this time of need. We will serve as an outlet to those displaced and affected by the recent disaster.

Coworking in Durango 

This has become a rising trend due to the ability to collaborate with other creative thinkers, which increases the potential of new ideas. Immersing yourself in the R Space culture of flexibility and creativity allows for growth between members of our community. Just as our firefighters are working together to combat these fires, together we will work to rebuild and strengthen our community.

While continuing to carry out our mission to be a space that allows people to escape the office and let the ideas flow, R Space will also serve as a hub over the next few months to support those affected by the wildfires.  We are offering anybody affected by the fire half-off our Full Timer Membership!!  You may also stop by R Space for a day on us.  Just call us at 970-422-1285!

–Jen and John, students

"R Space Coworking Opens in Durango"

R Space coworking has officially opened in Durango!  Come see our community-driven flex space for coworking, collaboration, innovation, training and networking.  Memberships will offer a variety of flex desks, meeting, training and conference rooms and high speed internet – all in a space that is inspiring, supportive, convenient and tech savvy.

R Space was founded with the idea that you don’t need to go out of town or spend a ton of money on an away-from-home office to be more productive or efficient with your work.  We offer small businesses and individuals a much more convenient and affordable solution.

Have you ever tried coworking?  It’s amazing what can happen when you let your team ditch the office for a day.  Get the motivation, knowledge and energy to pursue your most passionate and challenging projects at R Space.

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