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Paid membership benefits include:

  • Ludicrous speed Internet, R Space has a 100mbps pipe up and down!  Incredible gaming, VOIP, and file downloading experiences.  (please use a VPN for all p2p)
  • Half-price conference rooms – check out how our memberships are structured to make our meeting / conference rooms some of the most affordable and convenient in Durango!
  • Access to the Proximity Coworking Network.  Get FREE coworking days at dozens of other coworking locations across the United States with the purchase of a membership!
  • Exclusive access to R Space and event information.  Some memberships include 24/7 access to R Space.  This can come in handy, especially when you need it the most…

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  • You also get corporate rates at the Rochester Hotel
  • Access to our entrepreneurial network of talented tech enthusiasts and startups.

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